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Allow Entrees Finest Inc to serve as another purchasing alternative for your operation. We have extensive lines of credit with all the major and small packers in the industry. Our sourcing will outline your needs without crossing the same suppliers you currently use. Not only do we source the product but our extensive freight partners allow us to provide you with the most competitive shipping rates thru out the country. 

Do you have excess inventory? Did a contract cancel?
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is viewed thru out the industry and has an extensive reach thru out the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribean Islands.

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Entrees Finest Incorporated, is committed to offer various meat products such as  USDA beef, pork, lamb, and poultry and trimmings. We pride ourselves in wide variety of product. 
We value integrity and reliability. In an industry where dependability matters we stand above others. With 24/7 support and consistency we know that our customers will come back for our trustworthiness. 
Looking for a meat supplier should not be hard to find.  Finding a reliable and honest meat trader can be. With more than 67 yrs of experience our product knowledge is what sets us apart from the pack.  We, at Entrees Finest Incorporated, guarantee all products delivered.
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